Family Strategy provides multigenerational families, their Family Offices and associated trustees with wealth management strategies, expertise and solutions that are fundamental to family succession and deliver continuity during phases of change, the reorganisation of family businesses and reallocation of asset classes.

Family Strategy applies a personalised consultancy approach to each project. We employ the longstanding principles and values promoted by AIFO (“Association of Italian Family Officer”) regarding the knowledge, information and professional qualifications most relevant to servicing and supporting private wealth.

“Family fortunes can only be protected from a comprehensive standpoint. One that embodies the history and roots of the original wealth. With clearly defined values and strategies for the transmission of wealth, a family can execute sustainability projects to ensure continuity for generations to come.”

We believe that the legacy of a family is worth more just than money, goods or a business. Also of importance are the family’s reputation, values, history, and its dialogue between generations.



Wealth Planning

Financial Planning

Document Protection


Family Council and Charter of Values

Succession Plans and Managing Change

Next Generation Talent


Philanthropic Focus

Mapping and Accountability

Legal Structures

Family Identity


Artistic Heritage and Collectibles

Reputation Management

Real Economy

Investment Valuation

Club Deal

Deal Set-up and Family Buy-out

Business Enhancement

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