Family Identity


The creation of a Family history and Business chronicle and sharing it via an engaging means such as a book, a film, a site, or a business museum.

Artistic Heritage and Collectibles

Family Strategy provides advice on how to best enhance art and collectibles of an estate. Artistic heritage is a powerful asset in the creation of a unique, distinctive Family and Company identity.

Reputation Management

We support families in the drafting of governance rules to manage and uphold the Family’s reputation, and to identify and engage the most suitable advisors.


All Italian entrepreneurial families must confront and maneuver their way through a critical pivot in the life cycle of their business. One that will see the business combine action with identity, rather than remaining focused solely on business activity.

This means knowing how to convey history, ensure continuity and give breadth to the original business activity, often conducted and managed by a single person.

It means knowing how to engage others and communicate, how to expand and create consensus. Both within the family unit and towards new partners. It means acquiring a greater awareness of social and economic contexts.

It means voicing a family history and identity that is valued and trusted. An identity that is unified and unique to each, individual family.

Family Strategy guides families through the process of defining and transmitting their identity via three distinct projects.


Expressing and defining your family’s history in words, rather than just images, is intrinsic to its longevity. It transforms the past into something that is concrete. It bestows cultural and economic value and enables you to project and plan into the future, without the risk of losing a sense of tradition.

Family Strategy works with families to compose a history and company narrative and offers advice on how to best share their story.

We do this by:

  1. Identifying and writing down the values that matter most to the family;
  2. Realising the ghost writing of the story;
  3. Selecting the most suitable means to share that story, be it a book, film, site or business museum.

Artistic Heritage and Collectibles

Family Strategy counsels families on how to best enhance the art and collectible components of their estate. Artistic heritage is powerful asset in the creation a unique Family and Company identity. It can effectively express the qualities and history of a family through aesthetic elements, research, care, culture and sharing. All the intangible aspects that constitute a cohesive and recognisable identity.

Family Strategy helps:

Reputation Management

Each family and / or business entity that embarks on the process of defining and protecting their identity wishes to engage with all the generations and associations they have established over time.

But the breadth of the people involved combined with the characteristics of digital communication pose risk factors that require control and prevention.

Family Strategy helps:

  1. Formulate rules and regulations related to social media activity of individual family members, and the management of the internal image.
  1. Provide education and awareness around the concept of reputation, particularly for younger generations.
  2. Select and coordinate projects and defend online reputation.